Associate Manager

Pizza Pie Cafe'
Job Description
Pizza Pie Café Associate Manager:
  •          Expected to work at least 50 hours a week.
  •          Be able to fulfill any and all duties of the General Manager in their absence.
  •          Answer to and work with the General Manager in all aspects of the restaurant operations.
  •          Responsibilities exceed all other assistant managers and employees.
  •          The ability to build a team, keep an upbeat attitude and hustle are all essential.
Salary and Vacation Time:
  •          $28,000 - $35,000 Depending on experience.
  •          1st and 2nd  year as Associate Manager:  1 week paid vacation (after 6month introductory period)
  •          The 3rd  year of employment the Associate Manager will be eligible for 2 weeks paid vacation
Please Contact:
  • Heidi Hawkins 208.735,1321
  • Jody Hawkins 208.316-5568
Contact Information