Patrol Officer

City of Twin Falls
Job Description

The City of Twin Falls will be conducting an open recruitment for Police OfficerThis testing will be conducted to establish a pool of qualified applicants from which vacancies will be filled.  Please review the attached information and, if interested, submit the following items to the Human Resources Office:
1. City of Twin Falls Application for Employment;
2. A signed Hold Harmless Agreement and Drug Usage Disclaimer;
3. $20.00 Testing Fee for the Personnel Evaluation Profile;
4. Personal résumé including a complete history of your education, work experience and special training.

APPLICANTS MUST BE AT LEAST 21 YEARS OF AGE AT THE TIME OF APPLICATION AND A U.S. CITIZEN.  Position requires high school graduation or equivalency; valid driver’s license; good written and oral communication skills; good reading comprehension skills; emotional intelligence; problem solving; and that ability to successfully complete testing requirements.  Police officers must have the ability to function on a day-to-day basis without close supervision or assistance.  The department is looking for officer candidates who are community minded with a service orientation.

The selection process consists of:

·         Physical Agility Test
·         Oral Interview Board
·         Polygraph
·         Fingerprint
·         Complete Background Investigation
·         Command Staff Interview
·         Psychological Testing
·         Medical Exam and Drug Screen

To apply visit our website at and click on “Twin Falls City Job Openings” for the complete testing and application packet.
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